Megan Fox Is Too Good For Bond

In a shockingly bad career move (in our humble opinion, at least), Megan Fox has announced she’s turned down an offer to star opposite Daniel Craig in the next Bond film. Really!? The chance to join the prestigious list of female A-listers with the looks and brains to challenge and roll with Bond? (We’ll have to exclude Denise Richards from that list though.) Apparently, she’s just not impressed by the notion and feels the role wouldn’t really add anything to her career. Huh.
We know her standards are so ridiculously high, given her Oscar-worthy performances in Transformers and all, but this seems like a majorly Lindsay Lohan level misstep, no? She’s already making dumb moves like badmouthing those robot movies, claiming that Michael Bay’s blockbusters had nothing to offer her as an actress. Bay replied, “[Fox] has a lot of growing up to do … No one in the world knew about Megan Fox until I found her and put her in ‘Transformers.’” Exactly. If Megan Fox wants people to start taking her precious career so seriously, she could start by getting rid of that crappy Marilyn Monroe tattoo. Luckily, we have some suggestions for her.

To her credit, we get that she might want to break out of the femme fatale typecasting. Sure. On the other hand, she’s done nothing to demonstrate that she actually has the acting chops she’s always moaning about. So there’s that. Anyone? [Entertainment One]