Make Six Figures … As A Nanny

What does a French-and-German-speaking, magna-cum-laude graduate from a well-respected university do when she graduates? Well, some are becoming nannies. After 15 years of being a nanny, Autumn Backman is now raking in a six figure income. Despite the fact that the average income of a nanny is $26,000 or about minimum wage, nannies for the elite make bank and lead pampered lives. From traveling on private planes, to vacationing at exclusive resorts, to dining at five-star restaurants, and receiving free BMWs or designer goodies, nannies for the wealthy to some extent get to experience the same royal treatment as their employers. Ummm, where do I sign up? Of course, it’s not so easy to land one of these jobs. Even qualifying to be a nanny for the rich means having had prior experience with children, and most will want you to have studied early childhood development. If you’re really looking to boost your resume, get a certificate from the National Nursery Examination Board.

If you somehow manage to land the 6-figure nanny gig, it means signing away your life, literally. Well-paid nannies typically sign two-year contracts that require them to be at the parents’ beck and call. And if you’ve seen the movie “The Nanny Diaries,” you know that being the perfect nanny means relinquishing your right to party. Oh and even more, you can’t simply be just a great caretaker, you’ll also have to be a good companion for the mothers. So while there is a lot of fun and games in being a nanny to the rich and famous, these women totally put in the effort to make the big bucks. Except so do most nannies, who aren’t getting showered with rich-people benefits. [ABC News]

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