Girls Want A BFF, Boys Like Hanging Out In Big Groups

Those kooky scientists, always launching big, expensive studies to tell us things we already know. Researchers at the National Institute of Mental Health took MRIs of children’s brains to figure out what exactly happens when they make a new friend. The kids were asked to look at pictures of potential friends and rate them, depending on interest. Researchers told the test subjects they would be meeting their favorites from the pictures in a few weeks. For girls, preparing to meet a friend got their brains all hyped up. But boys’ brains pretty much did nothing at all. (Ha, what else is new?) The scientists concluded that this shows that girls tend towards one-on-one relationships, while boys prefer the nature of large groups. Perhaps so they have more people to burp with? [Time]I’m a little skeptical of this study. Aren’t us gals the social sex?! I mean, c’mon. We even travel in packs to the bathroom. Yeah, I like having having a BFF but there’s nothing better than rolling into the club with a group of gal pals and dancing the night away. I think they’ve got this thing backwards. If our brains get all hyper before we meet just one person, imagine what happens when we meet a group of people. The more the merrier, right?

Do you prefer hanging out in big groups or kicking it one-on-one?