For Women, Arousal Comes After Sex

A new study shows that for women, desire follows – not precedes – sexual arousal. Rosemary Bason of the University of British Columbia explains that, “for many women, desire is not the cause of lovemaking, but rather, its result.” Women often begin sexual experiences feeling sexually neutral, she says, but by the end of the sex sesh, they often feel more aroused than they had before they started fooling around.

Perhaps this is because most women don’t orgasm during intercourse. So, when the man is “satisfied” post-orgasm, the woman probably never reached her climax, and is, well, still wanting to! Obviously.But whatever the reason is that we (women) feel more “desire” post-sex, one thing is clear – drug companies should stop wasting their time creating Viagra-like drugs for women, since they probably won’t help us. Perhaps instead of creating drugs to arouse us before sex, they could spend their money creating a drug that would help us climax during sex. Now that I would invest in. [Psychology Today]

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