DIY Cool Braids

Sometimes inspiration comes when you’re not looking for it. In some of our random fashion browsing on the Internet, when we were looking for clothing-related posts, we found ourselves completely ignoring the goods on the page and were instead entranced by these models’ hairstyles. The styling on each is perhaps perfect—braids complimented by Grecian and knotted accessories. Here’s how to get these two innovative ‘dos…

  1. Braided crown (model with gold necklace): You’ll need fairly long hair for this style. Parting your hair in the middle at the base of your neck, create two long braids. Wrap each up towards the crown of your head, securing along the way with bobby pins that you push into the braid. Release hair near the front of your head, on one side, to create long, swooping bangs. Leave hanging, or tuck them under the braid. []
  2. For a draped braid look (model with pink necklace), create a loose, messy bun. Once it’s up, release strands near your forehead, making a braid you can pin along your hairline. Then release one-inch chunks on opposite sides of your head, slightly above and behind your ears. Braid each, securing with bobby pins at the nape of your neck. []
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