A.P.C. Launches … Kindergarten?

We hear Jean Touitou, the designer behind cult French label A.P.C., may be taking the popular multidisciplinary approach to the fashion business, but in a completely unexpected way. A few months ago, Touitou opened a school for two- to six-year-olds in Paris called Ateliers de la Petite Enfance (or A.P.E. for short). We’re just learning about the posh, artsy academy now, so it made us wonder what would happen if other fashion designers started schools…what would they teach?The Lycée Lagerfeld by Karl Kagerfeld
Curriculum: “French 201: Vocabulary of Fashion and Insults,” “History: How Chanel (And I) Changed The World”
Clubs: You’re not invited.

Mizrahi Middle School
Curriculum: “Multitasking,” “Yiddish and How to Talk Like a Jewish Mother”
Dress Code: Uniforms from a Target collaboration line.

Kate Spade Kindergarten
Activities: Gardening, organization
Required Materials: Signature black Kate Spade bag in place of backpacks.

The Tommy Hilfiger Institute
Courses: “American History,” “Expressing Patriotism”
School Tradition: Pledging allegiance to an American flag made of Hilfiger sweaters.

Donatella Day School
Curriculum: “Advanced Chemistry: Plastics and Other Adaptable Compounds,” “Italian: The Business Vocabulary of the Luxury Industry,” “Decorative Arts: Rococo”
Facilities: A “mobile campus” that alternates between palazzos around the world.