“The Bachelorette: The Men Tell All”: Where Were Reid And Wes?

On last night’s epiode of “The Bachelorette,” also known as the otherwise useless and boring “Men Tell All” segment that comes before the finale (airing next week), two of the men were mysteriously absent — Wes Hayden and Reid Rosenthal. Of their absence, host Chris Harrison said that Reid “had a prior engagement” and Wes couldn’t make it either. Um, right. For starters, these dudes sign contracts don’t they? I can’t remember when a “Bachelor” or “Bachelorette” contestant, especially one that made as much of an impact as Wes, got let off the hook from appearing on the “Tell All” episode. Well, lookie here, Wes has an explanation…According to Examiner.com, Wes initially told ABC he wouldn’t attend “The Men Tell All,” but after seeing his final episode, he decided he needed to appear in order to “defend” himself. He says that ABC producers refused and that it wasn’t in their best interests.

Now, it seems to me that this is just more poppycock from Wes, who wants it to seem like the producers are scared of him spouting the “truth.” Wes, as we know, has been defending himself with his version of the truth ever since he got the boot, telling Reality Steve that the producers edited his footage to make him look like a mega-douche who had a girlfriend and only was on the show to promote his career. But it hasn’t done much to turn the tide his favor among fans, who loudly booed whenever his name was mentioned on last night’s episode. And that didn’t stop the other bachelors for ragging on him, either. Jake maintained that Wes did have a girlfriend, while Tanner said that Wes had told him that the song he allegedly wrote for Jillian was actually written for the girlfriend he had waiting for him at home. A few of the other guys came to Wes’ defense, but not very capably. And Jillian said it became obvious to her that Wes was there — get your shots ready, ladies — for the wrong reasons. Suffice it to say, if Wes had shown up, he would have been torn a new a-hole.

I think Wes didn’t want to appear on “The Men Tell All” because he knew it wouldn’t do anything to help him, what with Chris Harrison (who I trust, for some reason), the other dudes, and the audience breathing down his neck. And if he ever wants to be a star somewhere other than Chihuahua, Mexico, he’d better tuck his tail between his legs, lay low, and wait for everyone to just forget about this whole mess.

But why would ABC let him off the hook, if it was in his contract that he had to appear (I am only speculating about that)? It seems to me that they would want him to appear — it guarantees higher ratings and what better drama than to have Wes square off against Jake AND Jillian again? My lawyer friend suspects that Wes refused to appear and they’re threatening him with a potential lawsuit, but because Wes is likely broke (something tells me he spent the pesos in his bank account), ABC wouldn’t be able to squeeze much out of him anyway. Whatever the case may be, I was bummed that the most drama on last night’s episode came courtesy of Angry Dave.

As for Reid? Please, the explanation for his absence said it all, especially in the context of the previews for next week’s finale. “Reid had a prior engagement” alright — to Jillian.