The Frisky Exclusive: 9 Questions With Nicole Miller

We all adore Nicole Miller for her bold, sexy, chic cocktail dresses which work just as well for the senior prom in your hometown as they do for a high-brow shindig in the big city. It’s her knack for turning out fashion-forward yet wearable pieces that has elevated Miller into full-on American Fashion icon status. Her clothes are worn by red carpet regulars like Angelina Jolie, Jessica Simpson, and Beyonce, while her show during New York Fashion Week attracts hundreds of top fashion editors. So just imagine my sheer joy when I got a chance to chat with the designer herself this week about everything from her busy schedule to the mean girls of fashion! Dig in, after the jump!
The Frisky: Being an iconic American designer with a huge following seems uber glamorous. What are the not so glam parts of your job?

Nicole Miller: I think a lot of designers might say things such as editing hundreds of shots after every presentation to pick the final pictures, having fittings, making decisions about buttons and zippers, merchandising the line, etc. But I actually have fun with all parts of the process – even the ones that are long and detailed.

The Frisky: As an alpha fashionista, what do you think is wrong, or right, with how girls are dressing these days?

NM: There is good and bad in everything and I see both. But what I really do not like is when girls wear dresses that are too grown-up or lady like.

The Frisky: Who are the celebs or Hollywood starlets you love to dress–or would love to dress?

NM: I love them all. But I have really enjoyed dressing all the singers from Joss Stone to Alicia Keys to Sheryl Crow.

The Frisky: You are heading on a last minute weekend trip to Paris. What are the five pieces you’d pack?

NM: Black leggings, black skirt, black tank and black shoes – usually platforms.

The Frisky: If you weren’t a designer, how else would you earn your living?

NM: I would be a chef.

The Frisky: The nicest thing you’ve ever heard someone say about your clothes?

NM: That they felt confident wearing them–and if you feel good, you look good!

The Frisky: The worst thing you’ve ever head someone say about your clothes? (Sorry, had to ask!)

NM: They haven’t told me!

The Frisky: Finish this sentence: I can’t live without?

NM: My Hublot watch.

The Frisky: What is your cocktail of choice at a party, if any?

NM: Tequila on the rocks with lime.