Ted Gibson Replaces Nick Arrojo On “What Not To Wear”

Every personality on “What Not to Wear” seems right for the makeover show, with the exception of hairstylist Nick Arrojo (pictured right). Hosts Clinton Kelly and Stacy London have the good fashion cop/bad fashion cop schtick perfected, and makeup artist Carmindy always makes the participant look a hundred times better by “playing up” their eyes or lips. But Nick’s hairstyles were usually hit or miss. He was always a little too scissor-happy, giving participants “mom hair” on more than one occasion. And his own hairstyles, including boyish ringlets and a Caesar cut with a flavor saver, seemed in need of a makeover, too. We’ll no longer have to witness Nick’s boring hair creations because he’s been replaced by celebrity hairstylist Ted Gibson. The switch was made in an effort to enliven the reality show, which has been on for seven years, according to Nancy Daniels, the network’s senior vice president of production and development.

Ted has done the hair of Angelina Jolie and Anne Hathaway and owns three namesake salons. He has shot five episodes of “What Not to Wear” so far, the first of which airs this Friday, and he says he’s enjoying it even when the women aren’t as thrilled with his creations as he is. The participants already have a difficult time relinquishing control of their look, especially their tresses. “You can take off the clothes and makeup, but the hair is going to stay with them after the show is done,” he says.

One thing’s for sure, Ted knows how to bring the glamour, not the mom, so I’m psyched to watch the next episode of “What Not to Wear.” Although I have to admit I’ll miss Nick because it’s hard to get used to change, even when it’s good. [The Canadian Press]