A Restaurant Creates A “Model Lounge” With No Commoners Allowed

A restaurant in New York City has opened a lounge where people can rest, eat, get pampered, and just generally escape from the hustle and bustle. Too bad the lounge is only for models. Yes, Delicatessen restaurant in downtown Manhattan has created a “Model Lounge” for tired and “hungry” models to rest and change clothes, if needed, between castings, shoots, and shows. Apparently, models are super happy with the lounge, ’cause a neighborhood coffee shop is just too public and they get hit on all the time. Boo-freakin-hoo. I’m no model, but I would like a special place to unwind, grab a bite and get away from sleazy creepsters. The lounge’s “no men allowed” policy keeps us “commoners” and even male models from bothering the beauties down below. Justin “Rocket” Silverman of the NY Post is the definition of uber-cheese in his inside look at the “Model Lounge.” [Huffington Post]