Quickies!: “Harry Potter” Actor Jamie Waylett Pleads Guilty To Growing Pot

  • “Harry Potter” actor Jamie Waylett, who plays Vincent Crabbe, pleaded guilty to growing marijuana plants at his mother’s home. [PopEater] – Too bad he wasn’t concocting potions. That would have been way cooler.
  • Eddie Cibrian, who is best known for having an affair with his co-star LeAnn Rimes, has been dumped by his wife, Brandi Glanville. Cibrian said he was done with Rimes, but according to Us Weekly, he was busted with her late last week. That’s when Glanville threw in the towel. [Us Weekly] — How long until Rimes’ husband Dean files for divorce?

  • A new airplane-based five-star hotel allows you to join the mile-high club, comfortably. [Daily Mail] – Sure beats being slammed against a dirty toilet in a tiny bathroom, but it’ll cost you about $600 a night.
  • Five aphrodisiacs that don’t make sense. Balut egg? Eww. [Smak News]
  • Sony Corp. has bid $50 million on the rights to a potential new film based on rehearsal footage taken throughout Michael Jackson’s life. [Yahoo News]
  • Since 2003, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has been withholding data showing cell phone driving risks; the research results will be revealed today. [NYTimes.com]
  • If you’re looking to save moolah on cosmetics, here are some products that have dual uses you might never have thought of. [Lemon Drop] — Here’s to killing two birds with one stone while looking fabulous.
  • The way you and your guy fight says a lot about your relationship and whether it will endure. Do you fight fair? [TrèsSugar]