When It Comes To Pet Accessories, When Is Enough, Enough?

When it comes to buying things for their pets, for some (lucky) folks it’s all recession, what? Just when we thought a dog flying via private jet was the apex of crazy pet services, the newest ridiculousness that’s been born into the pampered pooch universe: Dog tanning booths. Well, sort of. They’re called Fauna Saunas and the company claims the heated spa beds are “radiant heat-enhanced.” Essentially, they emit “far infrared” warmth, which feels to a dog (or cat) like they’re basking in sunlight. Wait … most people do have a home or apartment with windows where sun streams through, right? This makes us wonder where you need to draw the line.When it comes to the Fauna Sauna, apparently you and your sunny windows don’t compare: “Far Infrared has been shown to reduce pain, increase immune function, speed healing and reduce joint stiffness. In many cases, the use of Far Infrared heat can reduce or even eliminate the need for costly medications.” So, they are essentially playing us with the old spend a little more now, and save a bundle later shtick. (Or is this sounding plausible to you)? Is it like, a good idea, in the same way as commissioning a dog portrait, buying organic dog food or baking a cake for your pet? How far is too far when it comes to buying toys and services and general “stuff” for your animals, especially given so many peoples’ financial troubles? (Full disclosure: Even though my dog, Bubba, gets only Iams for meals, I fully send him to doggie daycare one or two times a week, always scope out the cool “mom and pop” pet stores in whatever city I visit, and have seriously considered one of those doggie day trips. So, I’m not judging! Except when I am…) [Red Riley]

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