Christian Lacroix’s Failing Label May Be Saved!

Christian Lacroix has been so badly in the red as of late that he was given until the end of this month to find an investor to save his company or else he’d face liquidation. With a few days to go until August, it looks like Lacroix may be saved yet. Bernard Krief Consulting, a French firm that specializes in buying and saving failing companies, plans to put in a bid for the Lacroix label this Monday. Company President Louis Petiet isn’t saying too much about the impending offer but has made it clear that he plans to increase Lacroix sales five fold over the next five years, an effort that would include a global marketing campaign. Practically speaking, what this means for you is more pretty ad campaign pictures in your magazines. [Which you may or may not want to see. Also, this probably means a Target collaboration, which is always fun. — Editor] Fingers crossed … [The Cut]