What’s Your Boyfriend Or Husband Criteria?

Buzzfeed posted a great list from Tiny Cartridge of “Boyfriend Criteria,” including the usual “smart,” “cute,” “funny,” and the more unusual like “did not pick Charmander as first Pokémon.” There’s also a list of pluses (“glasses,” “good shoes,” “good tattoo”) and minuses (“annoying,” “too tight pants,” “think you’re sooo smart”). Since I’m getting married in three days (!!!), the list got me thinking about my “husband criteria” and how well my fiancé fits my list. After the jump, see how he does. Husband Criteria Checklist

  1. Kind √
  2. Funny √
  3. Smart √
  4. Likes to travel √
  5. Will watch “The Bachelor” with me sometimes √
  6. Doesn’t pronounce “often” as “off-ten” √
  7. Picks DVDs on Netflix he knows I’ll like √
  8. Thinks I’m a “good cook” when I heat up pre-prepared stuff from Trader Joe’s √
  9. Has a very nice smile √
  10. Tips well √
  11. Big nose √-ish (it’s so-so big, but just the right size for his face)


  1. Looks good in glasses √
  2. Likes living in the city √
  3. Doesn’t fart too much √


  1. Likes sports √ (He loves sports, but when there’s a game on he’ll watch it as the smaller picture-in-picture while I watch some stupid reality TV show. What a guy.)
  2. Wears his baseball caps backwards (he doesn’t!)
  3. Has bad tattoos (not a one!)

What’s on your list?