Are You Team Jon Or Team Kate?

Most fans of “Jon & Kate Plus 8” will admit that Kate Gosselin was a bit of a meanie before she and husband Jon decided to end their marriage. She berated him for the most miniscule of offenses, including breathing too loudly. When they announced their divorce on June 22, 62 percent of 102,000 PopEater readers took Jon’s side. Now, however, the tide is changing in Kate’s favor…Jon was recently photographed gallivanting with his 22-year-old girlfriend, Hailey Glassman, in St. Tropez only a month after filing divorce papers, while Kate was taking care of their eight children. Then, he went out with another blonde (reportedly a tabloid magazine report who is “just a friend”) over the weekend. After all that lallygagging, 58 percent of PopEater readers now support Kate. [PopEater]

These two definitely don’t need to be married, but does Jon really have to rub his new dating life in Kate’s face? If he keeps this up, he and his women will be the only ones playing for his team. All Kate has to do is continue raising her children, which has been her main concern all along, and she’ll have the public’s support. So are you for Team Kate or Team Jon? Or are you totally sick of these two already? Wait, I think I know the answer to that.