Album Drop: This Week’s Albums, From The Fiery Furnaces to Mark McGrath

It’s new release Tuesday, so it’s time to take the latest tunes for a spin. Forget Jordin Sparks and Demi Lovato’s new top 40 hits. This week is all about indie awesomeness, thanks to Magnolia Electric Co., The Fiery Furnaces, and Portugal the Man. Oh, yeah, and Sugar Ray, aka Mark McGrath, is trying to make a comeback. “When it’s over, that’s the time I fall in love, again.” Is that line still working on the ladies? Find out after the jump!

Magnolia Electric Co., Jospehine
Magnolia Electric Co. has orchestrated a record of beautifully sweet and melancholy songs of longing and love. “Josephine” makes us want to slow dance in the back of a bar all night long with some cowboy. Overall, this is indie-country record is perfect for staying in bed on a rainy Tuesday like today.

The Fiery Furnaces, I’m Going Away
The Fiery Furnaces are a guaranteed hot record, and their eighth record is no exception. The brother/sister duo is quirky and loveable as they chant along to their indie songs. My fave track is the nearly-soul “Even in the Rain.” We hope the title is a joke and they never leave us.

Portugal. The Man, The Satanic Satanist
This album of indie rock is hardly what we think of when we hear “The Satanic Satanist.” According to the songs, Satan is a loveable hipster that wants to sing his high-pitched poetry slowly, sometimes even in unison, to symphonic beats. Aww, what a cutie!

Brooke White, High Hopes & Heartbreak
This 2008 “American Idol” contestant has made an album of easy-listening, radio friendly, super-girlie tracks. While we would never admit to a dude that we like this record, it’s totally not hateable, despite the cheese factor. Brooke has a lovely voice, and it suits her emotional songs. Is her music going to change your life? No, but she might help you chill out a little when your girlfriends aren’t around to hug it out.

Sugar Ray, Music For Cougars
Remember the ska-pop band Sugar Ray that sang ‘90s hits “Someday” and “When It’s Over?” Well, Mark McGrath is back on the guitar in this record titled for his favorite kind of woman. He told MTV, “I see a cougar as strong and empowered, knowing what they want and going after it!” Mm-hm. But will cougars pounce Sugar Ray and their new SoCal pop? It’s not as catch-y.