A Sexy Sell? Barneys Window Displays Bleed With Violence

Fashion can be killer. Literally. Or at least the folks at luxury fashion retailer, Barneys, like to think so. The store’s most recent window displays feature “dead” mannequins in Helmut Lang and A.L.C., bloodied from their shootout (most likely a skirmish with the Fashion Police, we’d imagine). Where did this inspiration come from? Perhaps Barneys thought they’d ride on the vampire-chic wave, brought to you by Twilight and “True Blood” fans? [Racked]

But fashion advertising, in general, has always been known to ricochet between the ultimate in glamorous aspirational imagery and the other extreme, full of down-in-the-gutter sadism and beat-down grit — think “heroin chic.” [We’re sure the NY Times would blame the recession for current upswing in the latter direction. — Editor] After the jump, a look at some other recent fashion ads that pack a punch, quite literally.
An Hèrmes window display in Australia takes a sadistic slant on a mad scientist theme with stuffed animals posed next to leather bags. [Frockwriter.blogspot.com]

Duncan Quinn, the bespoke men’s clothier, came out with this “strangler” ad on the right in ’08, and followed up with this gun-wielding gentleman this past April. [Copyranter]

Dolce & Gabbana’s fall menswear campaign goes with a boxing theme, featuring a seemingly injured woman in one shot, and two guys in suits dueling it out in another. (Although, to be fair, that couple doesn’t exactly look like they have the ability to beat the crap out of each other.)