15 Things We Wish The Recession Would Get Rid Of

The recession has been blamed for a ton of things, from an increase in sex work to a decrease in the fabulousness of Fashion Week (and pretty much everything in between). But, to its credit, the recession has also produced some very welcome casualties, like the imminent death of those awful Crocs…and Hummers (and at least 12 other terrible things). After the jump, 15 more things we wish the recession would get rid of.

  1. Mosquitos
  2. Long waits for the train
  3. Mondays
  4. Bad pick-up lines
  5. Ann Coulter
  6. Hangovers
  7. Trucker hats
  8. Traffic jams
  9. Jury duty
  10. Commercials for erectile dysfunction and yeast infection meds
  11. Erectile dysfunction and yeast infections
  12. Mom jeans
  13. Waiting for a table at brunch
  14. Wallet chains
  15. Mullets