Who Should Jon Gosselin Date Next?

Jon Gosselin really knows how to play the field. First we thought he was a dating a 23-year-old schoolteacher who would be appearing on the TLC show. Then he was trotting off to France with Kate’s plastic surgeon’s daughter. Now the NY Daily News is reporting that the father-of-eight arrived and left a dinner party with a Star Magazine reporter. Jon sure is making the rounds, but we’re not so impressed with his choices. Here’s who we wish he’d go after.

  • OctoMom: She’s guaranteed to like his kids and she already hates his ex-wife.
  • Kathy Griffin: The reality TV comedienne would do anything to get her name in the tabloids and this would be no exception.
  • Madonna: Kate totally used to dominate Jon, so why not go all the way? Madonna would really make a little boy out of him.
  • Britney Spears: Jon’s got all the trappings of K-Fed. He loves Ed Hardy, has a beer belly, and is pretty much useless. They would get along just fine!
  • Jamie Lee Curtis: She’s definitely resembles Kate and we know he was into those physical features at one time.
  • Jennifer Aniston: You never know … maybe this one will actually work out!
  • Amy Winehouse: They can totally relate since she’s also newly divorced. Plus, he seems to want a bad girl right now.

Who is your pick for Jon?

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