Utah Women Go Through A Lot To Get Married

There must really be a man shortage in Utah because some women have resorted to dire measures to find husbands. Take, for instance, sisters Katie and Priscilla Churcher, who are both married to Travis. All three were raised as Fundamentalist Mormons, a splinter group of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints that practices polygamy. Katie was married to Travis first, but after a few years, he began to woo Priscilla, who eventually fell in love with him. Although polygamy is illegal, the three spouses share a home, with each of the wives having their own room that Travis alternates between. And there’s no sibling rivalry! The sisters say their marriage is perfect for their personal lives because it gives each of them more time with friends and they always have a babysitter. [Lemondrop]Then there’s Kelly O’very, a 38-year-old Salt Lake City woman, who recently posted a personal ad reading “Free Jeep with wedding ring … Let’s get hitched!” She’s offering up a Honda 400EX jeep, but she wants a proposal in exchange. The ad describes a “fully loaded” offering with add-ons like a solid work ethic, good sense of humor, and an interest in mechanics. She says she has already received about 300 replies. [Lemondrop]