Today’s Lady News: Taxpayer Money Might Pay For Abortions

  • Taxpayer money might pay for abortions under Obama’s proposed health care plan, according to Peter Orzag, the White House budget director. However, Orzag added that using taxpayer money that way could be so controversial that a decision has not been made about it yet. [NY Times]
  • Rep. John Adams of Ohio introduced a bill in the state legislature last week which would require written consent from the father before an abortion can be performed. If the mom doesn’t know the father’s identity, the abortion would not be allowed. [Feministing] — Hmm, wonder if a woman has to get “permission” if she is raped, too?
  • A court convicted a New York man of a hate crime after he shot a 22-year-old transgender woman, Lateisha Green, to death outside a house party in November. A hate crime carries a harsher sentence than manslaughter or homicide. [AP]

  • Marine Jennifer Grieves ended her 14-month tour last week as the first woman ever to pilot the presidential helicopter, “Marine One.” [Chicago Sun-Times]