The Seven Deadly Decorating Sins

Metropolitan Home has come up with a list of the top design don’ts to keep in mind when tricking out your place. Basically, decorating your home is a little bit like putting together an outfit each morning—there aren’t so much rules, per say, as pitfalls to avoid, claims Metropolitan Home’s creative director Linda O’Keeffe. Example, rule one: edit, edit, edit. Don’t clutter your house up with loads of tchotchkes. Or, like the fashion equivalent, before walking out the door, take one piece of jewelry off.

Rule two: listen to a room. In other words, don’t force entire showrooms worth of modern furniture into a farmhouse with wide planked wood floors, i.e. when it comes to clothes style, dress for your body. See? So, if you are well versed in what makes for tragic fashion, apply those guidelines to your living room. Easy, huh? [Metropolitan Home]