Remote Control: What You Should Watch The Week Of July 20th 2009

The good ol’ electronic hearth is serving up a hefty portion of girl-tastic shows this week. Tonight, after “The Bachelorette,” of course, check out “Dating in the Dark.” We also have high hopes for ABC’s new teen music sitcom “Ruby & The Rockits,” which looks like it owes more than a little to “Hannah Montana.” The creepily watchable “Toddlers and Tiaras” also starts this week. And then there’s the season finale of “Southern Belles: Louisville.” Awww, television.

The Show: ”Dating in the Dark
Set Your DVR for: Monday, 10pm (EST), ABC
The Deal: I recently heard about a model-type falling in love with an obese girl based strictly on personality. The ABC reality show “Dating in the Dark” premieres tonight and attempts to do the same thing. Six people will live in a house together, but segregated from the opposite sex. The one exception: a completely dark room where they are allow to intermingle. Based on their conversations they will decide whom to date in the light. Once they see face to face they will decide whether the personality really won them over or not. And interesting twist on brains over beauty phenomenon.

The Show: ”Ruby & the Rockits”
Set Your DVR for: Tuesday, 8:30pm (EST), ABC Family
The Deal: I’m kind of in love with anything ABC Family green lights and this sitcom rival to “Hannah Montana” for teens is no exception. Ruby’s dad is an ’80s rock star from the band the Rockits who wants to continue touring as a dad. So he asks his brother and former band mate, Patrick, to raise Ruby. This week marks the series premiere of the 10-episode season.

The Show: ”Toddler & Tiaras”
Set Your DVR for: Wednesday, 10pm (EST), TLC
The Deal: The second season of the real life version of “Little Miss Sunshine” is gonna be full of crazed parents, spray-on tans, fake eyelashes and overly-sequined costumes. The mini-sized Miss America will completely shock and slightly disgust you as the girls compete to be the best pageant princesses around.

The Show: ”Southern Belles: Louisville
Set Your DVR for: Thursday, 10pm (EST), SOAPnet
The Deal: It’s the “Real Housewives” but with southern flare. A bunch of 20-somethings are followed as they struggle with money and boyfriends and the same old things 20-somethings on reality shows tend to be struggling with. “Southern Belles” has been following five women since May and you can catch the 10th and final episode of the season this week and decide if it’s the same old or something special.