Perez Hilton’s Sister Revealed As His Ghost Writer

Not that Perez Hilton is publishing the most poetic prose ever, but just so you know, he’s got a ghost writer—or two, or three. See, the celebrity blogger let the name ‘Jonathan Lewandowski’ appear in a post back in February and this was a bad thing because Hilton had an agreement with Lewandowski, a young blogger, to never do so. On a twisted side note: apparently Hilton also had an agreement to promote Lewandowski’s blog on his site in exchange for sex tapes? But I digress. So Lewandoski saw his name on Hilton’s site, got himself into a tizzy, and filed a lawsuit in a Los Angeles court. “Nay!” Perez Hilton said when he learned of the suit because it was not him who wrote that post, but his sister, Barbara Lavandeira. In the past, Perez has said that his sister “is my assistant and helps a little bit.” But this suit certainly makes it seem like she has a much bigger hand in the site than Perez has copped to. So why won’t he let his sis or any others get credit? It’s not like he has such a great reputation to keep in check… [Defamer]