Lindsay Lohan Does Yet Another Marilyn-Inspired Photo Shoot

In a bizarre move that makes me think Lindsay Lohan and the editors of Vogue suffer from amnesia and severe blindness, LiLo is on the August cover of Spanish Vogue in a Marilyn Monroe-inspired photo shoot. In the image, she dons a blond, Marilyn-ish wig, and on her dress is a ginormous black-and-white print of Marilyn’s face.

Sound familiar? Yep, it should. Last year, she did a photo shoot for New York where she recreated shot-for-shot Marilyn’s last images. Two expensive photo shoots later, I still fail to see any similarities between Monroe, the voluptuous ‘50s sex goddess turned American icon, and alarmingly-thin LiLo. To be fair, Lindsay isn’t the only celebrity who has tried to channel this glamorous gal. Remember when Christina Aguilera dyed her hair bleached blond and cut it short? Or how about when Scarlett Johansson did that Marilyn-inspired Dolce & Gabanna cosmetics ad? Even Gwen Stefani is guilty of copying Marilyn’s hair and imitating some of her more famous poses.

But the fact that everyone’s doin’ it doesn’t make it okay. I think it’s time for celebs to get over the Marilyn craze. Sure, Monroe had a unique style and was super sexy, but c’mon. Let’s not forget she died in her bed next to a bottle of sleeping pills. Oh yeah, and aside from being a fashionista and a couple of decent performances, did she really contribute anything important to the world? No. There have been tons of amazing women throughout history who’ve done way more than simply look hot. Celebs should try imitating someone else for a change. Or better yet, they could just do their own thang. [People]