Is Paula Abdul Leaving “American Idol?”

Auditions for the next season of “American Idol” are fast approaching, but wannabe singers may not be the only ones who are asked to leave the stage. Judge Paula Abdul’s contract is up and she hasn’t been offered a new one yet. The producers are keeping quiet about what they plan do to with Paula, which is pissing off her reps. Paula’s manager said, “It does not appear that she’s going to be back on ‘Idol.'” Rumors that Paula may be leaving have sparked a “Keep Paula” movement on Twitter. It’s the second highest topic on the Twitterverse, right after “Indonesia Unite” and right before … “SpongeBob?” If Paula is giving up her judge’s chair, whatever will she do with her life? Here are our suggestions. [LA Times]

  • Defect to “Dancing With The Stars,” where she can put her choreography skills to good use.
  • Become a spokesperson for a pharmaceutical company, preferably one that makes painkillers. Hey, you should only endorse products you love.
  • Open Paula Abdul’s Speech Therapy School.
  • Adopt a child from Malawi.
  • This former Los Angeles Lakers cheerleader should totally make a cheer-inspired exercise video.
  • Um, hello? It’s time to start her musical comeback. Whitney Houston is doing it, why not Paula? Don’t front like you don’t still love “Forever Your Girl.”
  • Stick it to Simon Cowell by starting a rival show called “American Superstar.”