Five Things To Know About Joel McHale

Friday nights have meant a long-standing date with Joel McHale and I. (And by “date,” I mean pretending he’s not the married father of two.) So when I read the host of E!’s “The Soup” will star in not one but two upcoming projects, backflips of joy were in order.

The first project is The Informant, an FBI thriller with Matt Damon debuting this October. Joel is actually a classically trained actor with a Master’s from the University of Washington, which explains why Stephen Soderbergh cast him. But he’ll keep close to his “Soup”-y comedic routes with his second project, starring alongside Chevy Chase on “Community,” an NBC comedy series about community college students and their professors. —[Papermag] Lucky for us, he’ll still be taping “The Soup” in addition to “Community.”

Seeing as Joel’s made his big break to network TV, it’s time to learn more about my dream boyfriend than just his very deep thoughts on “America’s Next Top Model.” Click through for five things to know about Joel McHale:

  1. On “Community,” he’ll be playing a mean, deceitful lawyer who is forced to go back to a community college after his undergraduate degree is revoked. Doesn’t sound like the best premise for a TV show, but whatevs….
  2. Joel is a single malt scotch kind of a guy.
  3. Like lotsa newbies to Hollywood, one of his first jobs was as a golf caddy.
  4. Joel (or one of his interns!) watches a crap-load of “Survivor” and “Dancing With The Stars” for work, but in his off hours, he likes what he calls “refined” TV, including “The Tudors,” “John Adams,” and “Battlestar Galactica.”
  5. There’s only three celebs who Joel thinks have “the right to be arrogant”: John Cleese, Paul McCartney and Meryl Streep. In other words, not Tyra, who he says is the only celeb to write send “The Soup” lawyer-ly letters asking him to stop making fun of her show!

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