Celebrity Fashion Crimes. Literally.

Celebrity stylist Jennifer Rade had been making like a fashion squirrel for months, collecting clothes for Angelina Jolie to wear while promoting her new flick, “Salt.” Jolie was scheduled for a fitting on Friday, but the night before, someone ganked three boxes full of designer pieces from Rade’s studio. We aren’t too surprised. I mean, clothes and jewels are expensive, and whoever took them now stands to make a hefty sum. Or they’ll just look fabulous? [NY Post]

Oddly, this crime reminded us of a few others.Back in May, Rachel Bilson’s Los Angeles home was burglarized while she was out of town, and the thief took loads of her clothes, shoes, handbags, and jewelry. Worst of all, the irreplaceable jewelry given to Rachel by her G-ma was taken. And back in 2007, Kirsten Dunst’s New York penthouse was burgled. Two crooks took a $13,000 Balenciaga purse, as well as some cameras and an iPod. [E! Online]

Is it wrong to be kind of amused by the idea of criminals breaking into celebrity pads just to steal their clothes? I mean, who wouldn’t want to dress like Angie, Rachel, or Kirsten?