Zandile Blay | July 20, 2009 - 10:58 am

Alas, Rose is not just inspiring club goers to shave off their hair and wear catsuits, she’s also inspiring young designers to create accessories too. Case in point, Samantha Smikle of New York City. The blogger who posts daily on Omo Writes , recently launched a line of vintage shades which are reminiscent of those seen on Rose. The double chain-faced shades, as Smikle calls them, are accentuated by a gold metallic strap. You can leave the chain around your neck or have it hanging in front. She gave us a pair and we haven’t stopped turning heads since. Everyone loves them for their chic, old school vibe – and of course the unbeatable price! Smikle only charges, $20 a pair pair. Find them on-line right now at Odd and Even NYC.