Whatever Works for Woody Allen

It’s official. We fell in love with Woody Allen’s latest acclaimed movie “Whatever Works”. Despite its seemingly downer nature it lied because we left the movie theater feeling good after all. Now aside from how amazing the movie was we noticed starlet Evan Rachel Woods and her southern over the top outfits that just worked somehow. Woody Allen loves the siren leading lady in almost impossible love triangles where she ultimately foolishly risks her life. For this reason there is always a fun wardrobe filled with a little bit of funa nd a little bit of mystery. After some thinking we realized that Woody Allen loves having a bombshell dumb blonde in his movies and while the darker Evan Rachel Wood played the part for this movie its traditionally held out for Scarlett Johansson. Playing similar characters in “Scoop”, less so in “Match Point” and again in “Vicky Cristina Barcelona” there is something special about their whole persona. We thought we’d break down the clothes that make the woman….and the woman underneath.
SCOOP:Sandra Pransky

The bumbling and lost American journalist is quirky and a little bit of a nerdy airhead. As she fumbles through a murder mystery in London, her dress is a dowdier version of young Emma Roberts the posher rendition of Nancy Drew. We think a pair of black square rimmed glasses, a sexy red one piece and a classic polka dot dress and you’ll be on your way to solving crimes by dinnertime.


Here Scarlett plays an already engaged young woman who falls for Jonathan Rhys Myers’ character. She is involved in yet another murder mystery sortof crime where she is the struggling young actress and temptress to the leading man. A more subdued sleek white dress, perfectly fitted jeans and simple earrings can turn you into this not-so-cinderella.


While she is no where near as sexy as the passionate Penelope Cruz she does have her own hippie artsy charm. Having myself fallen in love with Barcelona it makes sense that her half backpacker, half free spirit wardrobe fits in with the steamy and always lively city. Channel her with a boyfriend button down, black ray bans and summer flips.