Three Tips for Beating the Sunday Night Blues

It’s Sunday night at 8 p.m., and your heart is:

a. Fluttering because someone special just fixed you a sumptuous and romantic supper.

b. Thumping with anticipation because “Desperate Housewives” is about to come on and you can’t wait to find out what’s happening on Wisteria Lane.

c. Pounding because you are totally freaked out by the thought of another stressful workweek.If you answered c, it sounds like you have a classic case of the Sunday Night Blues. It’s the heart-pounding, anxious feeling produced by the impending dread of leaving the weekend behind and returning to work on Monday.

It’s normal to feel some letdown as the weekend winds to a close and you begin to think about another frantic workweek. But all-out panic may be a sign that you need to change how your weekends are run. Here, some day-by-day weekend tips to help you stave off the Sunday shudders. Read more

By Nicole Williams, provided by