Miracle Chocolate, Coming To Grocery Store Shelves In T-Minus Two Years

Potentially the greatest accident to ever happen in the food making industry: low-calorie, melt-resistant chocolate. Yes, you read that correctly: low calories AND melt free CHOCOLATE!!!! Some top-secret laboratory in Switzerland run by Barry Callebaut mistakenly produced the airy, rich, heat-stable and 90%-less-calorie-ridden chocolate and decided to run with it. The scientists’ claim it doesn’t taste like a fake—it still melts in your mouth and it has that delicious chocolate aroma. They decided to name the cocoa concoction Vulcano since it can be eaten when it’s hot and the texture is full of bubbles like molten rock. As of now, the chocolate is still in the works, but Callebaut hopes to have it on store shelves in the next two years. I wish it wasn’t such a long wait! [Daily Mail]