Anne Hathaway Buys Fans Pizza & Other Random Acts of Celebrity Kindness

At 3 a.m., the morning before she was to appear in her final performance of “Twelfth Night,” Anne Hathaway hand delivered pizza to the enthusiastic theatergoers who had been waiting in line for hours to score tix to the play. [Gawker]

It’s so cool when celebs do good deeds like this to show their appreciation and help us remember that they do actually have hearts. After the jump, a few more celebs who know that it’s all about the little things.

  • Britney Spears once handed a homeless guy $300 while she was stopped at a traffic light in Los Angeles. She said, “Good luck and happy New Year.” [Celebrity Nation] — We bet the dude was speechless.
  • Harrison Ford used his helicopter to rescue hikers who’ve gotten lost near his home in Wyoming—twice! The first time he did it, the girl puked in his ‘copter, because she was exhausted, dehydrated and just plain sick. She didn’t even recognize the actor. [ABC] — Props for Harrison for doing it again after this.
  • A lot of celebs act boring and cliche when they meet fans. But Shia LaBeouf totes flirted with a girl who got chosen to meet him on the “Today Show.” He even asked her what she was doing the rest of the day and complimented her outfit. [Fametastic UK] — Hmm, so the big question is, did they go out after?
  • Beyonce recently let one of her fans ask his gal pal to marry him during her concert. The chick said yes, obvs!