The Inspiration Board: East Coast Prep

If you aspire to attend an Ivy League school, summer in the Hamptons and wouldn’t mind being compared to Blair Waldorf (no, not for one second!), you, my friend, are all about the East Coast prep look. The yacht-hot style has been around for decades, but “Gossip Girl” and the new, utterly repugnant reality show “NYC Prep” are bringing it to the mainstream with a vengeance. Good news is, you don’t have to live on the Upper East Side to look like you do.

  1. A Waldorf-Approved Bow Headband, $4.80, Forever 21
  2. Celebrity Sunglasses (if you don’t think you’re famous, no one else will, after all), $5.80, Forever 21
  3. Super Preppy Cardigan, $55, J.Crew
  4. Handbag Custom Designed for the NYC Prep Girls, $595, Kooba