Gallery: Celebrity Dream Roles

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If Johnny Depp could play any character ever, who do you think he’d pick? Someone historical significant, like Napolean? Someone diabolical, like the Unibomber? An ego-bot, like Donald Trump? Or someone crazy cool, like James Dean? Turns out the answer is none of the above. Johnny Depp says that his dream role would be to play Carol Channing.

“My dream role would be to play musical legend Carol Channing in a biopic of her life. I love her, I really do. She’s amazing. With all the digital technology available these days I could probably pull it off.” []

While Johnny has yet to be offered the role of the 88-year-old singer/actress, I have an odd feeling he’d probably be pretty good at it. But Johnny’s not the only one with a dream…role. Other celebs have surprised fans with their fantasy picks. Some have even had their dreams come true.

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