DIY: Haute Couture Hair Ribbons

If you’re like us, you’re no closer to owning a piece of haute couture than you are, say, walking on the moon. But while hand-sewn $50,000 jackets may be a bit out of grasp, certain couture details are actually well within range. One of our favorites is the hair ribbon hair style we spied at French couturier Alexis Mabille’s recent Paris show. Rather than going same-old with a standard bow, Mabille tied long, almost ankle-length ribbons into the models’ hair and let them hang free. (You can sort of see it here, the end peaking out from behind her calf).

Given that getting around town could be, well, a tad hazardous with five feet of ribbon trailing behind you, we’ve modified the look a bit and made it incredibly easy to do. We break it down, after the jump.

  1. Cut two pieces of ribbon, each about 2.5 times as long as your hair.
  2. Tie each piece of ribbon into a slip knot. (It’s easy, this video will show you how. (Just ignore what she says about where to start the knot and start this one from around the center of the ribbon.)
  3. Grab a chunk of hair towards the back/side of your head and slide the ribbon close to the crown of your head.
  4. Pull the know tight and repeat on the other side. Voila!