70-Year-Old Grandmother Has The World’s Smallest Waist

Cathie Jung’s obsession with everything Victorian led her to reduce her 26-inch waist to 15 inches, the circumference of a DVD, in the hopes of achieving the perfect hourglass figure. “I was the sort of teenager in ’50s when small waists were in vogue, and when I got into my 40s, the kids were gone. I realized I was going the way of all women my age and starting to look a little dumpy and frumpy,” Jung said to ABC News “20/20.” So she began to wear corsets day and night with the help of her husband, who is also fascinated by the Victorian era. She only removes the corsets to shower. Jung now holds the Guinness World Record for tiniest waist, a feat that some would say is unhealthy. However, her husband, an orthopedic surgeon, says it’s all right to wear corsets as much as his wife does as long as there aren’t breathing problems. Also, he says the corsets prevent her from eating a lot, much like stomach stapling would. [ABC News]

Corsets are way too restrictive to us, so we’ll just be fascinated with Jung instead. You can learn more about her, and others who’ve gone to extreme lengths to alter their body, on tonight’s episode of “Taboo” on the National Geographic Channel at 10 pm.