What Will Rachel Zoe Say Next?

Season two of “The Rachel Zoe Project” premieres Aug. 25 on Bravo, and we’re just dying with anticipation. The Zoe has been tweeting up a storm, teasing us about the upcoming episodes, but she hasn’t been using any of her infamous catchphrases. Maybe she has some new ones up her vintage YSL sleeves? After the jump, our guesses for what Rachel Zoe’s next batch of quotable phrases will be.

  • That’s pickles!
    Translation: Same as “That’s bananas,” except pickles are this season and bananas are sooo last season.
  • You should be buried in that.
    Translation: You’ve never looked better.
  • Commit me!
    Translation: I’m completely looney for that vintage Halston that costs more than most people make in two months.
  • How bold.
    Translation: You’re taking a risk, but I approve…or do I?
  • The Birkin is an epic bag.
    Translation: If the bag were a story, it would be The Illiad.