What To Wear On A First Date

First dates are stressful, no question. Unfortunately, as the time of the big event draws nearer, so does the panic of what to wear. While the dude probably won’t decide to propose to you based on the height of your heel, we get the desire to look presentable, sexy, cute and approachable all at once, which is no easy feat. What if you come off too aggressive or too prim? What if your outfit gives off the entirely wrong impression? Keeping all of these MAGE concerns in mind, we’ve come up with a few helpful tips, after the jump.

  • Keep It Simple: Stick with unfussy basics, and by that we mean outfits you don’t have to worry yourself silly over potential wardrobe malfunctions. The tried and true pieces that have seen you through other stressful periods where you wanted to make a good impression will not desert you, (unless of course, you desert your clothes on his bedroom floor). The less time you spend fidgeting with frilly bits is more time you can spend getting to know your date and have a chat and a laugh.
  • Wear Comfy Shoes: We know that some women think men find sky high heels the ultimate in sexiness. Still, this is a first date and you’re entering into foreign waters on many levels. Not only do you not know the guy, but you also never know where you’ll end up. Your stilettos will not be happy if he picks a cute restaurant on a cobble stone street and your feet def won’t be happy if he asks if you’d like to take a stroll after dinner. How cool will you look if your heels sink into the grass? Shoes you can’t walk comfortably in will put a serious damper on your mood and plans. Flats and wedges are fashionable and ideal for frolicking about.
  • Don’t OD On The Makeup: Two reasons: 1) Most guys simply don’t like it when women wear “too much makeup.” This can be baffling as guys will sometimes say they prefer a natural face but ogle say, strippers, but no matter. We can’t solve the mysteries/inconsistencies of the male brain in one post, but makeup that doesn’t verge on the escaped-from-the-circus look is safe. Save the super smoky eyes and blood red lips for the third date. 2) In case you shouldn’t make it back to your place that night for whatever reason, less smudged makeup means a less awkward walk of shame. Bedhead is cute, but last night’s makeup…not so much. Prevention is the name of the game.
  • Carry A Mini Survival Kit In Your Bag: It’s Murphy’s Law: The better your date is going, the more likely it is that some disaster, natural or sartorial, may well occur. If you’re the type that feels more secure when you’re prepared, stash essentials like a mini-umbrella, band aids, clear nail polish (for runs in your tights), mints, phone (in case your besties goldfish dies and you need to immediately leave to “be there for her”), and pepper spray (just kidding) in your bag. My mom once shoved a travel size tourniquet in my tote, but I though that was just a bit much.