The Eight Rules Of Rebounding

Jon and Kate Gosselin announced their split less than a month ago, and Jon certainly didn’t waste any time getting with a new girl. Meanwhile, Kate continues to wear her wedding band. Is Jon cruel for moving on so fast, or is Kate just slow at accepting the fact that her marriage is over? This got us thinking about our rules for rebounding the right way. REBOUND RULE #1
Don’t ever rebound with someone who you know is interested in something more serious. That’s just mean.

Don’t rebound with someone you would actually like to date. In rare cases, a rebound can turn into relationship, but most of the time the other person knows their place and likes it there.

Don’t rebound with any exes unless you know without a shadow of a doubt that both you and he are 1000 percent over each other. We do not advocate getting back together with any exes, ever. Unless your ex-boyfriend is named Ryan Gosling and your name is Rachel McAdams (we’re still holding out hope!).

If you’ve been dumped, you can start dating whenever the hell you want. You cannot, however, date an ex’s friend or family member. That is just wrong, unless they cheated on you. In that case, all is fair in love and war.

When kids are involved, couples should wait at least six months before even thinking about dating, particularly if they’re in the public eye.

Do not start dating someone new while still living with your ex. Yes, we want you to get over him, but everybody needs a little time to themselves.

Don’t hang out at the restaurants and bars your ex introduced you to with a new friend. Technically, those haunts belong to him. Would you want him to start taking his dates to your neighborhood bar?

If a relationship ended amicably or mutually, it’s kindest to keep new relationships hush-hush for a few months. For example, don’t take the replacement around to meet you and your ex’s mutual friends a week after your breakup.