Showing Teen Girls How To Rock

Everyone at The Frisky is a hardcore music lover and our tastes range from Taylor Swift and M.I.A. to Sleater-Kinney and Jenny Owens Young. Perhaps the only time we were more passionate about music was when we were in our teens and dreamed of starting a band. Jessica Hopper knows all about that teenage desire to rock and has written The Girls’ Guide to Rocking, giving teen girls today what we would have killed for back in the day. The book promises to teach readers “how to start a band, book gigs, and get rolling to rock stardom.” The Girls’ Guide To Rocking advises on how to pick the right instrument for you, what NOT to name your new band — “Vomitstorm” or anything with the words “Crystal” or “Earth” — and offers girls a lesson in music history, but also doesn’t judge them based on the music they like. “I just really wanted to urge girls to see that they’re part of a continuum of women making music, whether it’s Kim Deal, or Liz Phair, Amy Lee from Evanescence, or Demi Lovato, to whoever it is that they look up to,” Hopper told The Philadelphia Enquirer. Now that ROCKS. [Philadelphia Enquirer]