Quickies!: Lauren And Heidi Aren’t Done Bitching About Each Other

  • Lauren Conrad and Heidi Pratt may have appeared to have reconciled during the season finale of “The Hills,” but it’s clear from Lauren’s interview with Bazaar that they are anything but friends. Conrad had quite a bit of negative things to say about her frenemy. [Us Weekly] – Both of these girls just need to Shut. Up.
  • Jon Gosselin has purchased a new home, on Manhattan’s Upper West Side. The apartment is supposedly just big enough for him and his newgal pal, but leaves little room for his eight kids. [People] I’m so not excited about sharing my city with him.
  • Political affairs have been on the rise lately, or at least they’re being publicized a whole lot more than they used to be. But it seems these adulterers just never learn from their mistakes, so here’s a list that should help them out. [Aslyum]

  • It’s not only little girls who dream about gorgeous weddings. Here’s the story of a guy who dreamed up, and planned, his wedding all by his lonesome — his wife just wanted to elope and get it over with, and he was so not down with that. [Your Tango]
  • You can already purchase paternity tests online in the U.S., and soon you’ll be able to get them over the counter in Britain. [Tres Sugar] — Hopefully, you won’t have to take advantage of either of these options.
  • Perez Hilton finally admits to have ghost writers. [Gawker] — Even if he didn’t write all of his misogynistic crap, he still put it on his site. So we still don’t like him.