NASA Astronaut Love Triangle Pair Engaged

Remember back in 2007, when NASA astronaut Lisa Nowak drove 900 miles overnight while wearing a diaper so she could confront Colleen Shipman, who was messing around with Nowak’s maybe boyfriend, fellow astronaut Bill Oefelein? Well, Nowak has completely lost this war. Not only did she lose her job and have the whole world find about her penchant for soiling herself in the name of love. But now, Oefelein has proposed to Shipman. The two lovebirds are getting hitched next summer. Oefelein also got fired after the media circus surrounding the case, and he decided to move home to Alaska, where Shipman joined him. Oefelein proposed last month on a 110-mile canoe trip. No word on whether he was wearing a diaper at the time.

So what’s Nowak up to these days? She’s a flight-training instructor in Texas. She officially divorced the husband she was separated from at the time of the drive-all-night incident. She’s also been charged with attempted kidnapping, attempted burglary with assault, and misdemeanor battery—and her lawyer just dropped her insanity defense. Her trial starts in December. [People]

Am I the only one who feels really bad for Nowak in this whole saga? Here’s hoping that she finds the astronaut of her dreams.