Madonna’s Stage Claims Another Life

Madonna’s “Sweet and Sticky” tour has claimed victim #2. While setting up the lighting for Madge’s concert in Marseilles, France, on Thursday, a crane collapsed, killing a 53-year-old French man and a 32-year-old Brit. Madonna has canceled her Sunday concert and sends her deepest condolences to the families. Hopefully the three other people currently hospitalized will have a smooth recovery. [CNN]

Unfortunately, Madonna’s “Sticky” stage situation is not the only concert tragedy to note. The dangerous world of concerts after the jump. Proceed with caution.

  • One concert almost meant the end of rock legends Pearl Jam. The band considered breaking up after nine PJ fans were crushed to death and three were hospitalized when fans stampeded the stage back in 2000 at the Roskilde Festival in Denmark. Not wanting to end their history on a tragic note, the band stayed together and set up the “Roskilde 2000 Tragedy Fund” for security measures at large gatherings to prevent other fatal accidents. Rock on. [Seattle PI]
  • During Metallica’s Baltimore concert back in 2000, one fan took a fatal fall. The 21-year-old fan fell to his death from the upper level of the stadium to street. Metallica, traveling with Kid Rock and Korn, expressed their condolences to the victim’s family. [EW]
  • One of the most deadly concert tragedies occurred back in 2003, when pyrotechnics used at a Great White concert at The Station nightclub in Rhode Island caused a blazing fire in less than three minutes. After the smoke cleared, 96 people were found dead due to fire, smoke, trampling, and structural collapse. The fire claimed the life of Great White guitarist Ty Longley. [CNN]
  • 11 fans died at a Moroccan music festival earlier this year. Stevie Wonder, Kylie Minogue, and Sergio Mendes had the stadium at capacity when a stampede happened. [Now Public]

So be careful at music events, okay?