Let’s Go Shopping And Talk Nonsense With Kelly Bensimon!

So basically, Kelly Bensimon went on a shopping trip with The Daily Beast for stuff she already owns. (Gold $370 Gryphon shorts? Wore them to a Kim Kardashian party! “Sexy rocker chick” miniskirt from Intermix? It’s already packed for this weekend’s trip to Miami! An “Alaia meets Pocahontas” belt? Just snapped it up!) Seriously, every photo she’s in, Kelly’s pawing a dress or an accessory that’s presently hanging in her closet. So what’s to talk about then? If you ignore the actual “shopping” part of the shopping trip, Kelly offers up some of her usual nuggets of complete and utter nonsense. Gems after the jump! On MJ:

“God, I’m so devastated about Michael. I was actually in L.A. when it happened, getting my hair blown out. Afterward, and I was walking down the street and the paparazzi started taking my picture. I was like, why are you taking my picture? You should be over at UCLA!”

On why she sounds like a ditz:

“There is a total misconception; just because I’m really friendly, people think I’m not smart. For instance, I was really harshly criticized on the show for how often I say ‘like.’ But I have a friend—and this is a girl who went to Harvard—who joked that if anyone counted how many times she said ‘like’—it would double me. And I have another friend, an MBA and the smartest guy I know, and he is the ultimate Valley Boy—he says ‘like’ every five minutes. That they picked up on that habit, and then called me vapid for saying it…it felt like they didn’t know me. How I speak has nothing to do with the way I think.”

On men:

“Happy and hygienic, that’s what men want, ladies. You heard it first from me.”

On how bracelets are really meaningful:

“An accessory should tell you everything you need to know about a person.”

On making new friends:

“I know a lot of amazing people. And I have to be perfectly honest with you, I don’t know how I meet them. Maybe it’s because I’m open to everyone, and you don’t have to be a superstar for me to like you. I’ve always had this saying, ‘if you’re good, you’re good.’ Those women in the shoe store…were good.”

On why Mrs. O is so chic (Kelly claims she was one of the pioneers of wearing anything and everything Azzedine Alaia):

“The fact that she is wearing a lot of Azzedine. Shows that she has perfect taste.”

Oh Kelly. Wow. [The Daily Beast]