Happy 30th Birthday To The Happy Meal!

Thirty years ago, McDonald’s made one of the best marketing moves ever when it launched the Happy Meal. The kids staple with a toy inside has remained a consumer staple for three full decades. Over the years, the Happy Meal hasn’t just lured in children, but adults looking to collect toys. I for sure remember rolling up to Mickey D’s to pick up one of 100 million teenie beanie babies that were given out in 1997––the most popular toy to date.Although the meal hasn’t changed much since it launched in 1979, the waistlines of children sure have. When the Happy Meal made its debut, childhood obesity was at 4.2%. Today the rate has just about quadrupled to 17%. But don’t go blaming that on the Happy Meal—while the original meal packed in more than 600 calories, today’s is a much leaner 375 cals. So whether you avoid the fast food chain like the plague, or you can’t get enough of their $1 apple pies, let’s all sing Happy Birthday to the Happy Meal. [ABC News]