Don’t Hate Them Cause They’re Beautiful!

“She’s too sexy for her job, too sexy for her job, so sexy…” Yes, I changed the lyrics, but the message still fits. Recently-fired UK prison officer Amitjo Kajila wants payback. The 22-year-old is demanding reparations from Justice Secretary Jack Straw after he allegedly fired her for…being too pretty. Officers said the size 4 Kajila received frequent inmate attention due to her make-up and revealing clothes, posing a security risk to herself and the prison. (Really they’re just jealous!) Kajila claims the other officers bullied her for her appearance and called her a “stupid little girl.” (Hey, It’s not her fault she’s hawt!) I guess besides being locked up, ugly prison guards are another drawback to the clink. [Daily Mail]

Amitjo isn’t the only woman suffering from Pretty People Prejudice (hell, there’s a whole documentary about them!). After the jump, other people who claim their flawless complexion got them the boot.

  • She may be a homewrecker, but she is pretty. Sienna Miller will no longer play Maid Marion in the upcoming movie “Nottingham.” Why—she is too pretty for the love scenes between her character and Russell Crowe’s. Turns out Russell is looking more rotund lately and the director booted Miller for a plumper female lover. Somehow I just don’t feel bad for her. [NY Post]
  • A Florida biology teacher was fired last year for showing some of her human anatomy. Tiffany Shepherd claims she was fired from her teaching job after some sexy photos of her in a bikini were posted on the website of the fishing boat services company where she moonlighted. Shepherd only took the second job after getting divorced and could not raise her three kids alone on a teacher’s salary. [Bitten and Bound]
  • Jessica Biel thinks if she weren’t as pretty she would get more movie roles. What!? The 27-year-old actress thinks her looks have deter movie directors from giving her any dramatic roles, saying, “The way I look really is a problem.” Umm, I’ll take that problem any day. [SMH]

Has anyone you know been fired over their looks?