Boy Arrested For Bombing Starbucks, Just Like Brad Pitt

Some people are so unoriginal these days. A 17-year-old kid was arrested Tuesday night for a bombing inspired by Brad Pitt’s character Tyler Durden in the movie “Fight Club.” Kyle Shaw set off the homemade bomb made of fireworks powder, a metal cap, a plastic bottle, and electrical tape around 3:30am. His target—a Starbucks, just like in the film. No one was hurt in the blast, but Shaw faces charges of arson, criminal mischief, and criminal possession of a weapon. Looks like Kyle really took the movie to heart—Kyle and his no-doubt equally dim friends run their own fight club kicking each other’s asses in Central Park. Hopefully they can just knock each out from “reenacting” more movie scenes. [Huffington Post]

These “Fight Club” groupies aren’t the only movie buffs to bring scripted crimes to life. Here are more real-life deviants not creative enough to draft their own crimes.

  • Wow, sometimes just a trailer will do the trick. After 26-year-old Shawn Gullenburg was arrested for robbing two banks in Connecticut, he told police he was inspired by the trailer for the newly released gangster flick, “Public Enemies.” Johnny Depp just has that effect on people. [WTNH]
  • People need to learn reality vs fantasy. After watching the ’90s thriller “Scream,” two English teenagers Daniel Gill and Robert Fuller grabbed some knives and called up their friend Ashley Murray. The boys lured their friend into a corner where they stabbed him 18 times in the arm, head, and cheek. Too bad for the “Screamies” Murray pretended to be dead and was found alive a day and a half later. [TruTV] — So twisted.
  • Even though 19-year-old Joe Cook dressed as Neo and carried a shotgun resembling the one in the movie, he was not in “The Matrix” when he shot and killed his adoptive parents in their Virginia home. Turns out Joe’s biological parents had schizophrenia, possibly the only explanation for believing he lived in the fantasy realm. [TruTV]

Come on people, let’s remember that these are movies. Don’t try to bring it into real life.