Bethenny Frankel Isn’t The Only “Skinny Girl” In The City

Uh oh! People are talking smack about my favorite smack-talking New York City housewife, Bethenny Frankel! Yesterday it was announced that Frankel would be ending her ties with the “Housewives” franchise to star in her own reality series called “Skinny & The City.” “Housewives” fans rejoiced because Bethenny––the most tolerable character who we totally adore–– is not a housewife and it’s about time she starred in something more up her alley. While I was getting all giddy with excitement at my desk, Tanya Zuckerbrot, founder of, was busy on the phone with her lawyers to discuss legal actions against Frankel.I must admit, it’s slightly surprising that Bethenny would dare to commit brand theft, especially after last season’s ending when we learned about how important branding is to the NYC ladies. How could I forget the screaming fight between Bethenny and Jill over Skinny Girl Margaritas almost getting a whole wall of advertising at the Creaky Joints benefit while everyone else’s companies were set to have less recognition?

Well, now Zuckerbrot is equally as riled up as the housewives. “I was shocked … I couldn’t believe that someone of Bethenny’s stature wouldn’t be aware of my website,” the nutritionist behind the site told the NY Daily News. When all is said and done, I hope they change the name quickly, make Zuckerbrot happy, and get on with filming, because I just cannot wait for the premiere! [NY Daily News]