An Ode To Mermaids

starbucks logo jpg
The Starbucks logo has become such an icon, it’s easy to forget that’s it’s a busty mermaiden. The two-tailed mermaid represents a siren—you know, the hotties who lure handsome fishermen in with their pretty songs and then eat their brains, minus the last part? Apparently, the owners wanted to name Starbucks “Moby’s Coffee” and use a whale logo since Starbucks is the name of the first mate in “Moby Dick” who liked himself a cup o’ brew. But there was also Mary Coffin Starbuck from a novel called “In the Heart of the Sea: the Epic True Story” that inspired “Moby Dick.” Crazy, huh? Now you have a conversation starter for that hot nerd in your coffee line. [CoffeeMania]
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